Posted on September 06 2016

Spring is here in the southern hemisphere and I am really excited. We had a long cold winter and I am personally much happier when the sun shines for longer each day. It means I can get out early and walk our Boxer Puppy, Louis, and it means that hopefully the garden will grow quicker than he can destroy it. Gosh, I didn't count on how much work a puppy would be, but I am determined to try and train him well so that his manners match his cuteness. He is my constant companion in the office during the day (unless he's found a tasty shoe or sock the boys have left around).

My spring range has been selling really well so don't delay if you love any of these prints, they are limited edition. The September School holidays are fast approaching, I can't wait for a break in the routine, some sleep ins and maybe some picnics and beach days with the boys.

Jacquie x


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