Covid-19 Chronicles.....

Covid-19 Chronicles.....

Hey there

I'm not sure anyone ever reads these posts but I thought it would be good to write some stuff down during these weird global times. I have encouraged my kids to do the same as they are literally living through HISTORY at the moment but they are not seeing the gravity of it (which is kind of nice). Here are my observations so far

1. People react very differently in times of crisis. Some people listen to the warnings and accept that we all must do our bit and others seem to think it doesn't apply to them. I wonder what the learnings will be? what things will change irrevocably?

2. I'm loving that there is no local politics playing a part in this pandemic. I am definitely no expert but it seems that the opposition are letting the government get on with the job of trying to manage the best they can without getting in their way.

3. I am quite socially isolated during the week anyway (as I work from home, alone most of the time except for my Boxer Dog Louis), I am now kind of STUCK AT THE OFFICE.......with my husband and kids.......

4. We do a lot of things which are not a NEED, they are a WANT......I have unnaturally blonde hair and am a little frightened of my regrowth when it gets to week 6 and beyond (bring on the caps and beanies)

5. My kids are learning new skills as they are so bored some days they are actually happy to do some washing up and cooking.

6. My house has never been cleaner.....we cleaned the air vents and drains the other day......who even are we?

7. People touch a LOT of stuff all the time.......its almost impossible to keep your hands perfectly clean for an extended period of time.

8. Nurses and Paramedics don't get paid enough. My mum was a nurse and she always told me this, but its only when you see what they have to go through at the moment, literally putting themselves and their families in danger every day when they go to work.

9. How good are all the video conferencing apps? I'm loving connecting with all my friends over a drink at the end of the day  and I'm finding I am calling and seeing all my far-away friends much more often, which is a silver lining.

more musings tomorrow

Stay Safe

Jacquie x

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